The Weekend from Hell (Part 2)

Right, so I heard this song this weekend.  It’s called Just a Thought and it’s by Gnarls Barkley.  It’s ass deep trust me.  Check Liyah’s blog for the lyrics, I shant repeat them.  But the reason I have to include my thoughts on this song are this . . .

Today, or rather yesterday, someone told me they were going to kill themselves.  The fucked up part is, at first I didn’t think they were serious.  So after I called tha cops, and asked them to go check on this person, I thought to myself, if the situation was reversed, would I have told someone that I was going to commit suicide?  (They actually did try to take their life, but the cops got to them in time)

What makes you get to the point, when you think the only option you have is to end your life.  I am not even saying I haven’t felt that might be an option for me, but I never went through with it.  Why? Becuz I always thought about the people I had to live for.

Do the people in your life know how you feel about them. Do you know of anyone who might be ass needy, and sometime you don’t ever want to talk to them.  We are all guilty of ignoring that annoying friend of ours.

I felt like such an ass, becuz I helped to cause this person’s pain.  It’s turns out, it was just a cry for help, that this person actually has done on more than one occasion, and it had nothing to do with me, or anything I had done to them.  But it still made me wonder, what kind of impact do we truly have on the people around us?

Think about that, the next time that whiny friend says to you, Sometimes I wish I wasn’t around to deal with all this shit.

GottttttttttDamn this was a fucked up weekend ,FUCK!


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