The Weekend from Hell (Part 3)

I got a tattoo . . . on the top of my foot.  Who does that shit, I mean really.  I have a green and teal butterfly, and the words, Mz. Joy on my foot, forever.  My ghetto ass spelling notwithstanding, who gets a tattoo on the top of their foot.  I’m such a fucking idiot.  And i was the biggest baby ever about it, but it felt like there were 4,753 tiny ass ants biting my foot, all at the same time.

The plan for the weekend was to get frivolous, white girl tattoos.  No offense to my white friends, it’s a harmless stereotype.  You know how like every white girl in college has a tribal tattoo on her back, or like a butterfly on her shoulder, or like a heart at her panty line.  Dumb shit like that.  I was the only one that actually stuck to it.

Liyah got a Treble Clef that really looks like the Baby Phat insignia on her left ankle, and Diamond got the word “Enamorarse”on the inside of her right ankle.  The fucked up thing, Diamond can’t even pronounce the word, and it is so on her body FOREVER!  Everytime someone asked her about it, she was like, JOY, What does my tattoo say?  I love her retared, non language speaking ass!

So yeah, I will post pictures of my tattoo when I figure out how to take a pic of my own foot.  Right now, that is WAAAAAY too much manuvering for a fat girl.

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