The Weekend from Hell (Part 4)

Let me, just for a brief moment, talk about our joint obsession with MySpace. (Our refers to Me, Liyah, and Diamond) This weekend, I of course traveled with my laptop.  And I was not able to use it to check email or MySpace all weekend.  It used to be, that If i didn’t check my email every few hours, I had heart palpitations!

But Lord, when we all realized that we not going to be able to check our messages, or even BLOG about our random ass weekend, there was a collectively audible sigh that went around the room.  Followed by a WHOLE LOT OF THE WORD FUCK!

(Long ass Side Note:Do you remember when it was notes on Blackplanet.  And you had to learn HTML just so that you could fix up your page with sweet music and backgrounds.  The great thing about MySpace is, they have all these people, not just black, and they had all these codes already created.  I could totally change the complete format of my page in less than an hour now.)

But seriously, we had so much stuff that could only be described in a blog, and we couldn’t do it.  It was like all the epiphanies that we had meant less, becuz we so couldn’t write a blog about it.  I am sorry about my randomness in this blog, people are pissing me off.  Random ignorance is HORRIBLE, and it is slowly driving me crazy.

Life is FUCKING Awesome!!!! Becuz I love my friends!


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