How I Feel about – My Virginity

Okay, this does have something to do with my life, but it’s also a general question/comment/concern . . .

Why is it that most guys don’t want to take a girl’s virginity?

(Side Note: I know that most of you are going to be like, Oh My God, I wish I could go back, and keep my virginity, and blah blah blah. But keep reading any way)

Virginity is a deal breaker, and I want to know why? So many guys have been like, I want to get with you, and I have to tell them, I don’t do the sex.  And then they are like, “Well like you don’t do the sex right at first, or have you never done it?” And when I have to say, I have never done it, it’s over.

“That is such a big thing, such a big responsibility.”  Once in college, a guy told me, he doesn’t even talk to Virgins, they get crazy attached after the first time.  Another guy said, I would never want to be someone’s first. That is the biggest pressure moment in a guy’s life.

To me, I don’t understand why a guy wouldn’t be all about it, becuz HELLO.  Some female in this world, for the rest of her life (if you are any good) will remember you as the first person who gave her pleasure.  So why wouldn’t you want to do that?

One thought on “How I Feel about – My Virginity

  1. do u no what? i completely agree with u and yh i can see your point about the whole” ohh boys dont wanna stay in a realationship witha girl whos a virgin” and im still a virgin aswell and most people cant get it into there heads why i still wanna be like that, they always say joolz weve got 3 months till we start college uve got to loose your v at some point and the truth is im a muslim n im not a proper hardcore one nor do i pray 5 times a day or wear a head scarf but still i have enough respect for my parents to remain a virgin until im married but my friends really dont see the point in my decision and because of this non of the boys i no or meet want to even be in a relationship with me just because i cant have sex with them :/

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