How I Feel about – Falling in Love

Yesterday, someone asked me how do you know when you are in love?  Now this person, who I shall not name to protect their privacy, is kinda in a relationship, but I am not quite sure the ramifications of that.

But I tell you this story, so that I can say this.  Many people ask me about love, and relationships, and how to handle their relationships, and what should they do to fix their relationships.  The funny thing about it is, SO never had a real functional relationship.  But for some reason, people ask me all the time about the inner workings of love, and how I see things.

But to answer their question, this is what I said: Becuz loving someone takes over your soul, being in love with someone is all encompassing, wholly losing urself in that person, and it hurts, ALOT.

Then they asked me: Y Hurt?

To Which I said: Because anything that big, is going to hurt.  Not necessarily a bad hurt, but don’t try to make everything beautiful.  Because in True Love, you lose parts of you, and that hurts.

How do I know that, because I have been in love.  Maybe some of those people weren’t in love with me, but I was in love.  I gave myself – emotionally, spiritually, mentally – and didn’t get anything back.  So I am not an advocate for just saying you are in love with someone, because being in love with a person is personal.

It’s between you and that person.  It’s the exchanging of energy, and strength.  It’s a mutual understanding of each other’s wants and needs.  I am so in love with my friends, because I care about them, and their feelings.  When you are in love with someone, their pain becomes your pain.  Their joy becomes your joy. Their life becomes your life.  So if that isn’t what you feel for the person you claim to be in love with, Re-evaluate what you feel.

Love Hurts, Love Scars, Love Tears your Heart Apart. Sometimes it’s a great thing, but most times, it’s more than most people can handle.  And that is why most relationships don’t work.  Not because the love is gone, but the responsibility of the Love was too much.  People are selfish, and usually, they come to a point, where it is too much to continue to give, to continue to sacrifice.

The only unselfish love in the world, is the Love between a Mother and Their child.  and even that doesn’t always work out.  Not everyone can handle the responsibility of that either.  But Love . . . It’s a Bitch.

But I want to feel that again, for someone.  Even more, I want someone to feel that for me.


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