How I Feel About – Relationships

Ever thought about your role in a relationship? Which person are you? The one who doesn’t really have to do much . . . The one that does everything . . . the planner . . . the do-er . . . the worst kisser . . . the best kisser . . . the prude . . . the pervert . . . the one who will try the hardest . . . the one who is willing to do nothing . . . the faithful . . . the cheater . . .

I am the best girlfriend no one has ever had.  I have never had a true relationship, becuz we all know Tha Boy doesn’t count.  I am so super domestic, love to cook, just hang out and look at each other.  I don’t ask much, just fidelity and honesty.  I will tell you everything you need to know, all you have to do is ask.  Willing to do whatever it takes, within reason, to make us happy.

Everyone I know says, Joy you are going to make someone a great wife/girlfriend.  Because you know all the things that can go wrong.  Like I have said earlier, people in long term relationships come to me for advice, and it works.  I am just that good.  So my question is people, why am I still the Best Girlfriend No One Has Ever Had . . .

P.S. This isn’t a cry for help, I’m not depressed or anything, just thinking about it tonight . . .

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