Friends . . .How many of us Have Them?

So i just realized that I haven’t written a blog on my thoughts on friendship in general.  With so many of mine either dissolving, or fading away, or changing in ways i never thought they would, i just thought I would share my thoughts.  This blog is in no way specific to one person, nor is it general.  Take what you want from it, becuz this is all I have to give.

There are times in your life, when you feel like you can’t survive without someone by your side, someone who will just hold your hand in your time of trouble.  Amazingly, it’s those who haven’t been there through everything else who have reached out, tried to see if I am okay.

Friendship, I have recently learned cannot be judged based on the length 2 people have known each other, or the circumstances under which they become friends, or even the similarities and events they have shared.  To me, a person’s status as a true friend is based on the sacrifice that person is willing to make, when a friend is in need.

Those people who are willing to spend their last dollar, to give you gas to make the road trip that is going to fuck up your mileage, but you need to get away.  Those people that will loan you 300 dollars, just because you said you need it, for no other reason than that. (And they don’t make you sign a legally binding agreement about when they will get it back) The people that cook for you in the morning, and go girl for the family event.  The people that will borrow your car, and magically your gas tank in almost full.

Friendship is not, flaking out when you have a significant other.  Friendship is not, saying you will do something and then not doing it.  Friendship is not borrowing money from someone who makes 1000’s less than you, and not returning it when they said they needed it back. Friendship is not, keeping your feelings bottled up until they have no where else to go but into the land of things you regret that you said.  Friendship is not, demeaning and belittle a person on a daily basis.  Friendship is not, ratting a person out, becuz you think it might save your ass.

I am not the perfect friend.  All the shit n the friendship is not section, I have done that, prolly more than once.  I don’t want to be perfect, becuz I grow from my mistakes, but I am amazed right now at the people who have my back regardless, and those who are beginning to show their true colors.

But I hope that I am someones root, and not a branch.  All those people, who are proving to be branches, I am going to have to prune my tree, becuz it’s too much right now.  On top of all the shit going on, I am surprised that my pressure ain’t SKY HIGH.  It’s just too much right now . . .

For Real, seriously . . .


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