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My Fight with the Man (Part II)

Yeah, this is probably going to be an on-going saga, because everyday they keep messing with me?!?!? So first let us continue the Story of Little Black Girl.

Now, when we last saw Little Black Girl, she had just that the “Well Son of a Bitch, that makes complete sense!” epiphany. And we just knew that things were going to turn around, because she now knew exactly how the world was going to work for her. NOW, she was told by her boss – we will just call her Great Black Boss Lady – she was going to handle the situation. And at the end of the day, everything would be in order.

So LBG had a thought – maybe if they called her other boss, LWL for short, then maybe she could handle the situation. Because the bottom line which we discussed in Part One is Money. And the LWL handled the money, shit it’s her company. So GBBL basically kissed that ass. Gushed about how great the Company was, and how excited she was to be working with them this year. And the only bone of contention was the $4 discrepancy in the hourly wage.

GBBL and LWL had a great conversation, and LWL actually told the GBBL about extra money that was left over from another program they had, which would clear up the budget for the Principal of the School on the East Side of Some City. So things were looking up. Invoices were submitting, and LBG and her co-worker were excited that on Tuesday, they were going to get their paychecks, just like everyone else.

But of course, the LWM had other plans . . . they were told that the only way the $4 discrepancy could be taken care of was if they had a letter stating that the wage was state mandated, and not the idea of GBBL. NOW, the Principal of the School on the East Side of Some City is a Black Man, he can call him Mr. B. NOW, LBG and her co-worker typed up this letter, because it wasn’t that big of a deal, it was approved by Mr. B. and sent out Tuesday morning, so they could pick up their checks that night.

You think they got their checks? Do you really . . . you must not know how the man works . . . how about the Next step in the Step and Fetch move for $4 was that the request had to be sent to the board of the Company. Now would probably be a good time to tell you a little bit more about the Company. The Company has a total of about 25 employees, and they are part time. Of these 25 people, only 5 are office employees, the rest are either sales reps, or center directors.(The Company has 5 locations)

NOW, if your company in a national company, then yes, there is a board that you need to speak to. But if you, the OWNER of the company, have to present something to a Board about $4, then maybe you aren’t running your company correctly. But maybe it doesn’t have to be presented to the Board, maybe they are just determined to not give these LBG’s their money. Maybe they refuse to believe that these LBG aren’t going to back down, or catipulate to the system that hired them and yet doesn’t want to give them their due.

So to say that I was upset about LBG’s plight yesterday, would be like saying that Halle is ever going to end up with a black man or that Michael Vick is going to open up a Humane Society Building in the back of his house. I was so angry I said Fuck on my mother’s answering machine . . . I don’t curse in front of her, or if she is the same building, so that is a REALLY big deal. I cried my way out of work yesterday, thinking about the fight that I was under-taking for $4.

So I went to Barnes & Nobles, and bought 2 books, with the intention to read them both that night. (Some people drink away their problems, I read and write) But something told me to go to church. Now those of you who know me know that me going to church, when no one died, or nothing special was happening is again, a REALLY big deal. So I went to church, and prepared myself for a message from the Lord.

Because at this point, the only person who could handle this situation is the Lord. So the first 2 songs of Praise and Worship were cool, I knew them, I sang them, it was good. . . the 3rd song though, that third song! “Til the Walls Fall” by Martha Munizzi . . . it’s like they were singing to me!

You are Awesome God
You’re a Mighty King
My sword and shield,
You are my strength

In this one thing
I am confident
You will fight for me
You are my defense!

I will not back up
Not back down
Stake my Claim
Stand my Ground

Shout for Joy, Till the Walls Come Down

I will Stand My Ground, Til the Walls Come Down!

I mean really, it just kind of renewed my strength and my faith, that it was going to be okay. And that at the end of the day, it wasn’t even something I could control. So yes, the fight still exists, but I think imma let The Black Jesus handle this one. Because the White Jesus would probably think, “Let these little black girls take that $4 pay cut. Because they are doing good that I provided them with the current pay rate. The beggers can’t be choosers!”

But The Black Jesus, he is gonna fight. HE is gonna talk to Johnnie Cochran, get MLK and Malcolm in on the discussion about the pay rate. There will be marching all over Heaven! And the Black Jesus will be there right in the front, with a sign that says, “Heaven No, Give them Their Dough!”

So yeah, the Fight with the Man has hit a holding pattern, which us holding on to wait for the next hoop to jump through, or step and fetch routine, or Kow-Towing maneuver that will lead us down the path to that $4 increase. But happy note, we thought we were going to have to cut our hours, to deal with the school’s budget crisis. . .

But how about the Black Jesus is already hooking us up, because he found us something else to do at the school, which will a) require us to be there for all hours of the school day b) secure our positions for the entire school year c) and will basically allow us to once again show how great we are!