The Journey into Adulthood

So for a while, on my 25th birthday to be exact, I realized that I might actually be a grown up.  I know, scary thought right.  When it first came to my attention, I literally didn’t know what to do about my new found clarity about certain things.  Like, those things that used to seem so important to me, just didn’t have that much clout anymore.

But more than leaving certain personality traits behind, I have gained a newfound code of ethics, or standards that have really changed my life.  The old me, was used to the hustle, I been doing it since college.  However, my hustle became not about the momentary gain, but about the greater good.  And what’s funny about all that is, my greater good is about a Year away at this point.

It going to take that long to get everything together that I need.  One year ago, I was holding out for the perfect job, passing over the okay jobs in the hope that something better would come along.  It took me 4 months to find a steady job the last time I was unemployed.  It took me 2 this time.

And this whole, newfound connection with God is helping me along the way as well.  It’s teaching me to humble myself before I try to take over everything.  You have to start out in the grunt position, and then rise to your postition.  So I took a job paying what I started out making when I graduated from college, PART TIME, because I understand that the experience I am going to gain at this position is going to give me a DEFINATE advantage when I get ready to step out on my own.

I just feel myself learning from every experience in my past.  Where I used to say everything happens for a reason, but not really mean it, I now understand that is actually true.  Everything that has happened in the past 18 months has lead me on a path to my own personal greatness.  I have taught numerous kids, changed numerous lifes, and it’s okay to admit that now, because it helps me to know that once I go out on my own, I WILL succeed at it, because I have done it all before.

And there are other little things that are showing me that I am further into adulthood than I thought.

You might be an adult if:

  • ° All your dreams that focus on the good old days, are college dorms and house parties that happened 5 years ago
  • ° You finally understand all those Gospel songs your mother used to play in the car when you were young
  • ° Right after you get some money, you put it in the bank.
  • ° Every time you go to the bank, you ask for MORE deposit slips
  • ° You have finally figured out that Carrie on Sex and the City was full of shit, and Big doesn’t really exist
  • ° Your best friend that you met freshman year of high school has been your friend for more than HALF of your total years on this earth
  • ° Even if you have a deadbeat dad, you are making and effort to get along with him, because he’s your dad, and you understand that respect-wise, you owe him that
  • ° Instead of arguing back and forth with someone, either in person or via the internet, you say what you feel the needs the say and let it go
  • ° Your tolerance for bullshit has gone out of the window
  • ° You would rather hang out with your mother than go to the club
  • ° Instead of stressing out about the balance in your checking account, you are figuring out what you can do to come up with the money needed
  • ° You finally understand that renting a house/apt is a waste of your money, even though the Mortgage you are going to half is twice what you used to pay at your apartment
  • ° You are actually looking forward to a steady paycheck, because you can start fixing your credit, and not start buying dumb shit you don’t need.
  • ° The Library is again your best friend, because you can read books for free, instead of adding to the 14 moving boxes of books that you currently have stacked in your room
  • ° Facebook isn’t the first thing you check when you get home, and you almost NEVER use MySpace unless it’s to write blogs
  • ° You might have been in love with the same person for 7 years, but now they realize what they lost when you finally let them go. And you prefer the lonely feeling to the constant heartache that was your relationship
  • ° You start scouting out locations that you can go to meet a husband, and not that have the best music.
  • ° Movies like American Gangster being leaked 3 weeks ahead of time are now a conspiracy, and you know that the only reason it got leaked is because they didn’t want it to sell more than that fucking movie about a Got Damn Bee
  • ° You have experienced your fair share of Racial and Social discrimination on the job front.
  • ° You have let friends go, not because you don’t love the hell out of them, but they didn’t want to face who they were and who you were becoming
  • ° You make decisions that other people think are fucking crazy, but that is just because they don’t see your vision yet.
  • ° You decide that all you want to do is change the world one child at a time, and you actually mean that sappy ass statement.
  • ° Your idea of a great night out is dinner and a movie, all by yourself.

There are many more things, and as I think of them, I will of course add them to this list.  But I just thought I would share these thoughts in my head, and see what you guys thought it.


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