Life Observations based on my Trip to Miami

  • It is still very awkward to be walking out of an elevator in a halter top and 3 inch wedge heels at 6 in the morning, even if you are a grown ass woman on vacation. Especially if the person who says good morning to you in a 50+ white man with a handle bar mustasche. That trip from the elevator to your room still feels like the walk of shame . . .
  • ..   It’s finally okay to not hate the girlfriend of your Best Friends little brother. She didn’t know that you had been plotting to marry him since he was 13, and you saw the potential he had. You even waited 2 years to ask his dad if you could marry him, because you could tell that by the time he got out of undergrad, he would be the greatest catch this side of the Miami County. And it’s definitely okay to tell her that you hated her, without ever meeting her because she was the smart one that B. S. said yes to. (Probably because she is so FREAKING AWESOME!)
  • ..   Flying into Miami for 3 days is a pain in the ass. The only flight that leaves Detroit to get there leaves at 9, so you don’t get into MIA until midnight (if your flight isn’t late) and to get home, you have to be at the airport at 4 in the gosh darn morning, even though the bag check and the security points don’t open until 5. Yeah, there was a lot of waiting around while I was still in my pajamas.
  • ..   Ft. Laurderdale is NOT close to Miami. That 30 exit difference between the hotel and ANYWHERE we were supposed to be was a BITCH. And Gas went from 3.59 a gallon to 3.89 a gallon every 15 minutes. But you gotta love the Ford Escape that will be both me and Clarissa’s next new car/truck. No, I am so serious about that, I shall have that car in 2009, yes yes I will!
  • ..   The Hilton Discount is the SHIT, and Stacey is so friggin awesome for setting me up with the bomb ass rate, the week before she left the Hilton Network.
  • ..   Miami’s version of Mister Softee is gross, and a friggin Rip Off! And the man in the truck steals money from Little Kids. And B. S. already said that he won’t prosper, so there!
  • ..   If you ever want to know, what the PERFECT marriage looks like, take a trip to the Smith household in Cinci. Dee Dee and B. S. should teach classes.
  • ..   Hawaii in 2009 is a reality, and the goal is to bring someone of the male persuasion with me, I need to get on that . . . P.S. Yes, I said Hawaii
  • ..   Going to UD for my undergrad experience was the smartest decision that I was ever forced to make. And I will be there for my 5 year reunion to see how bad they have screwed the campus up.
  • ..   Even if we live hundreds of miles away, real friends don’t expect anything more of you than a night sitting around talking at T.G.I. Fridays until the wait staff got off work, and taking pictures in the parking lot with the Smith Family Blackberry Collection. I might have been converted this weekend, because if I get a Blackberry, I won’t ever have to buy another digital camera again in LIFE. Plus, they kinda just look cool.
  • ..   Jasmine Smith is my fashion Role Model. I used to braid her hair for school when she was 7, AND I now pray every night that some of WHATEVER she has rubbed off on me while I was in Miami.
  • ..   Allana Destiny Smith is going to be a forced to be reckoned with in 4 years. She and Jasmine will be on billboards everywhere by 2012. You heard it here first!
  • ..   Michael and Krist’le Hardy are the world’s funniest couple. They need a show on ABC, because the whole world needs to experience a night in their presence.
  • I am really looking forward to seeing all my friends find their happiness in life.  Seeing Shea reach her goals, Clarissa smiling and happy again, Kris happy in love makes me want the same thing.
  • Sigma’s from Louisiana are FREAKING awesome. Whether you live there now, or your family originates from there, if you have some LA in you, you are on my list of Favorite People.
  • My mom is like the best mother of life of ever! Even when I am having fun in MIA, i missed her.
  • Drunk people in the club will never get old.  What get’s old really quickly – ignorant, disrespectful, asshole-type, dumb, harrasing people.  And also, the UD crew are NOT the people to try in the club, cuz even the girls fight.
  • My friends are grown ups, and seeing lil kids TRY to be grown proved to me just how grown we are.
  • Once you step over that line, and do something you can’t take back, living with the fallout is like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And as a grown up, I am learning that everything can’t be solved with a text message, phone call, or really nicely worded voice mail message.
  • I am really starting to remember the good and bad that is me.  Mama Joy, the girl in charge of everything, and the one that sometimes sticks her foot in her mouth in front of someone’s mom.  But I still love me, and that is all that matters.
  • I am starting to actually like all these ghetto ass, only should be played in the club, makes you wanna grind on the person next to you, horrible name calling, everyone’s ringtone, songs they are playing on the radio.  I never thought that I would have BOTH versions of Plies Bust It Baby on my phone . . . where did all my common sense go?
  • And why make a remix to a song, 1 week after the original gets released on the radio – USHER. Even though I love the remix, why not just release 2 songs, and stop changing the format of the song, damn dummie!
  • Why is it that Lil’ Wayne makes the most random songs for himself, but his verses on certain songs/remixes are that HOT FIRE?

    I had fun in Miami, and I already know that Hawaii is going to be THAT DEAL!


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