The Epiphany of Touch

Right, we all know that Joy loves music. I mean, if you couldn’t tell my the ever changing catalog of ringback tones you hear when you all me, or the ever changing ringbacks on my phone, then you must be kinda slow, im just saying. And I am totally ok the knowing the lyrics to random obscure 80″s songs, or tv show theme songs, and singing the aforementioned random ass songs on the phone with Dominique at 3 in the morning. Seriously, I am SO okay with it.

But lately, music has really been a necessary element in distracted me fromt he bullshit that has become my job situation, as well as helping to soothe me after a serious confrontation. Or a let down in life. Or even helping me NOT to stalk those few people I am currently interested in.

As I continue to make decisions about what I want in life, and with whom I plan on spending my life/time with, I am amazed at how some songs can apply to every situation. From helping me (hopefully) give some good advice to a great new friend, to just changing the whole direction of my day once I get in my Car/House.

Yesterday was such an awesome day for me. Partially because i didn’t really have any drama at work, but really because I got so much done. I cleaned out my fridge, cleaned the kitchen, washed clothes, washed dishes, went grocery shopping and still had time to watch them crazy white bitches on the Hills. On top of all that, I created an event on FB (YAY SATC MOVIE PREMIERE), sent out a mass email about toys that I need for the Daycare, and caught up with people I hadn’t talked to in a while.

The constant through all of these tasks, MUSIC. I had my headphones in my ears the entire time I was home last night, until I went to bed. Something about having music, and not the BS radi playist that they just hit repeat on every half hour, but music you selected for yourself to guide your day/night is amazing to me. As I hand wrote this blog (yes, hand wrote while at work while the kids were sleeping because I had to get it out and I dind’t have my laptop handy) my headphones are in my ears.

I think the music takes me out of my head. You can only focus on one thing at a time. When Is She The Reason is playing, you have 4:4 to figure out if he is cheating, and if so, then who with. After that 4:34 is over, you have to let that shit go, and move on to something new. When listening to GB (Gnarls Barkley for the uninitiated) is playing, you have probably 3 minutes max to get your shit together. But again, due to the lyrical content of GB’s music, you really only need at 3:07 that is take to listen to A Little Bit Better.

And we all need some Jesus in our lives sometimes. Karen and Kiki Sheard STAY in constant rotation on the phone. In fact, today, after I wrote this blog, and the day became let’s tell Joy how much we hate her in front of all the staff, all i had to do with get in the car, pop in The Heavens or Telling by KCS, and everything was right with my spirit.

Even if you are having some ummmmmmmm physical issues, you can crank that Epiphany by Jill Scott and relive the glory day(s).

Music has been such a guiding force in like life, for ALL of my life. I mean my mom used to work for Motown, how could it not. But lately, sometimes i just sit on my back porch (How awesome is it to say I have one of those) with my headphones, my laptop, and a Coke, and just write based on the songs that show up on shuffle. Maybe it’s because I can’t sing like I used to, but listening to music has really been the only thing that keeps me sane at this point.

Just being I can’t sing my heart out anymore, doesn’t mean that the song’s aren’t still down in there. Because everyday, Marisa Joy Williams, my favorite DJ, changes and saves my life


One thought on “The Epiphany of Touch

  1. Music is not only a sad song but it can usher you in to a song of praise and Thanksgiving, sometime when the DJ is not playing something that I need to hear I will offer up a song of praise to make my life better for the moment. My song is what it needs to be. There are days the sun is shining and there are blue skies as far as the eyes can see but other days I need to bring the sun out now I can’t wait until tomorrow so I sacrifice MY song of praise to lift my spirits and change my cloudy day.

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