How I Feel about: Homosexuality

WARNING: This blog contains my PERSONAL OPINIONS on several controversial subjects in today’s Society.  If you are sensitive, a bigot, a racist, or just a stupid ass person, STOP READING RIGHT NOW! Other than that, enjoy the blog.

Topic #1: Homosexuality

I figured I would get this one out of the way right now.  Anyone who knows me well, and especially knew me the last few years of college can tell you, I Heart the Gays! Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that some people in my life were different than others.  My god-brother, my childhood best friend, and a family memebr or 2, all gay.  And they were my favorite people to be around. (This is just the background, the good part is coming, I swear.) Now, becuz I work for a church, I have recently stiffled some of my more “liberal” views, in order to not have to argue with stupid, close minded Christians. (Not saying all of them are that way, but most of the ones that go to my church, and that I know from work, TOTALLY ARE!)

Now, I look at Homosexuality the same way I look at “Obesity.” It’s something that you are born with.  While I do know some people who chose it after they had been fucked over by the opposite sex, most people I know have been that way since birth.  Just like you can’t make an obese person stop gaining weight, (not Fat people, OBESE, there is a different) you can’t stop a person from being Gay.  There is no quick fix, there is no de-programming available, there are no pills that person can take.  They are gay, and that is it.

The Stupid Close-Minding Christians I referred to before, base their argument on the Bible.  Now, if we totally forget the fact that neither Jesus or God wrote the Bible, and the fact that 1) If was written by the Jewish Elders of the time 2) It started out with almost 1000 books, and was whittled down to less than 100 3) and those books were chosen by an Emperor named Constantine (not even a clergy man) . . . If we totally discount those very true facts, and just say they are made up, then the whole argument is based on a verse in Leviticus . . . and I quote,” Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.(Leviticus 18:22)”

Now, that clearly states that Homosexuality, NOT LESBIANISM is an abomination beofre the Lord.  Bible law states that any abomination beofre the Lord is punishable by death.  So, IN THEORY, any gay person who has gay sex, is going to hell.  This is a “law from God.” (You still with me people? My counterpoint is coming, right now in fact)

Leviticus 19:19 “You shall not sow your field with mixed seed.  Nor shall a garment of mixed linen and wool come upon you.” This, my faithful reader, states that a farmer is not supposed to have more than one seed in his field at a time.  So what about those farms that grow corn and wheat and grass, in the same field. THEY ARE GOING TO HELL THAT’S WHAT. And that Poly/Cotton Blend Gucci top you love so much, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!!!

See, the whole Literal Interpretation of the Bible thing kinda becomes a moot point, when you read past that 1 of 6 “references” to the “sin” of Homosexuality. I hate when people are ignorant, or only rely on what they have been told.  If you actually took time to read the Bible, especially Leviticus, you would find that we commit abominations before God an a daily basis.

So stop hating on who people love, and how they love.  If they aren’t trying to love on you, what is the big fucking deal? And if someone of the same sex does approach you, take it as a complement.  Gays are FAR MORE discriminating than straight people!

P.S. Today, I made a bag that said I Heart Friends, and I used the rainbow colors.  Not because it was my subtle way of coming out to the masses, becuz we all know, I ONLY STALK MEN! But because, all my friends, are different, and mulitple colors fit the motif i was going for.  It immediately became, Joy is trying to tell us something.  When did the rainbow stop being a symbol of God’s Promise, and can only be known as the “Gay Colors.” That sounds stupid, becuz in truth, if you wear any color that is in the Rainbow, you are promoting Gay Culture.  You Dumb Ass!  I hate stupid people, FUCK! By the way, my bag is going to be FUCKING AWESOME!


4 thoughts on “How I Feel about: Homosexuality

  1. When people who are gay say that they were born gay, they are right. EVERYONE was born into sin! Now the question lies, as to what sin were you born into? Where you born a murderer? Where you born a liar? Where you born an adulterer? Where YOU BORN GAY? Catch my drift. Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There are those who are gay, there are those who are not. God has taught us to LOVE them all regardless. It’s not about how nice a person is or how great their personality is. Sin is sin. From the smallest white lie to the 911 terrorists who killed thousands. All will be judged. If one does not repent of their sins and continues to walk in the destruction of their unrighteousness, they will go to hell, so sayeth the Bible. Much love to you my sister and God Bless!

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