Introducing the Triad – Aaliyah

It took me a while to write this, becuz I wasn’t quite sure how to phrase how I feel about her.  She inspires me to be a better person.  To be more conscious of the world around me, and what being a member of that world truly means.

She’s one of those really deep people, you know.  Like understands the underground movements of the world, and i truly knows herself.  One thing I must say about her, is there was never a time when i thought, that child is so confused.  There were times when i thought she was crazy, but never confused, lol.

But in this rather short blog, I must say this, I love her.  I am so glad that MySpace brought us back together.  With all the drama, and love, and tears, I am glad i have her back.  And i hope she never leaves!

I’m talking about Ms. Asadi, future revolutionary, and my lil’ sis.  From the day I adopted her on UD’s campus, my life has been more interesting, fun, and different!  I love you Lil’ Sis.  Never Change, and remain UnBreakable!


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