Introducing the Triad – Diamond

Ever thought about what true love is.  You should think about it.  True love doesn’t always mean that you want to have sex with that person.  To me, true love is knowing that at 3:33 in the morning, you can call a person, and they will be there.  Doesn’t matter if you are crying over a dude, or happy about a dude, or just want to hear that person’s voice.

True Love is calling me at 4:30 in the afternoon, and leaving me a voice mail that says, “Have you ever farted so much in your own car that you had the roll down your windows?!?”  That is truee love to me.  True Love is driving 209 miles to stay just OVERNIGHT, so that you can introduce someone to the current man in your life.  True Love is also having the current man in your life get interrogated 10 minutes into the 1st meeting.  True love is threatening to drive 209 miles after the current man in your life acts stupid.

True Love is my Ex-Wife!  I love her! No I am not a Lesbian, we broke up cuz i wanted to have sex with men, and she wasn’t havin’ it!  But I got off with Alimony, and all I have to do is drive to Dayton occasionally.

My Tru Love is prolly reading this and saying, This Bitch is crazy!  But I know she is gonna cry in like 15 minutes.  I just had to put it all out how much I love her, so that the world will know!


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