My Soundtrack for Love

Have you ever just heard a song, and wanted to sing it/play it for your husband.  Just like, This song says exactly what I want to feel for the man/woman that I spend the rest of my life with.

I am watching VH1 Soul, watching like every India Arie video every made, and I realized, she is my soundtrack for Love.  There are like 4 songs on every album, that make me happy/sad/wistful about being in love with someone.

To feel the need to say to someone, I am Ready For Love, or just have the need to have someone caress your Brown Skin. Hearing, You’re Always In My Head.  Telling me that I am Beautiful.  Asking that person, Can I Walk with You, and making sure they always get The Truth from you.  Letting all your friends know that you finally found a Good Man. Living together, and making a Complicated Melody singing in the shower.  Maybe even focusing on the Little Things, or seeing a Beautiful Surprise of flowers or candy when I get to work.

Everyone deserves that in their life, don’t you think?  That would be great! Any Takers?

Thank you India.Arie for giving me such beautiful music to fall in love to!

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