RNS (c) AK: Volume 1 – All About Me

This is Me

Hello, My Name is Mz. Joy . Some people might know me as Joy, others might know me as Marisa, Risa, MJ, M. Joy, that chick that spits random hot fire like my name is Dy-Lan from MTB, either way I’m Marisa Joy Williams. That being said. There are certain things you need to know about me. These things are listed below . . .

It’s what I tell . . .

Real Nigga Shit #1
I speak from the heart. Everything that comes out of my mouth, is a reflection of me. If I sit down and speak to you, what I am telling you is EXACTLY how I feel about that subject. I rarely censor myself, even more rarely do I tell you something that isn’t the ABSOLUTE truth about me. My mother told me a long time ago: “You are what you say . . .” that changed the way I looked at people. It forced me to take people at their word, because that Is how I expect people to take me. However, it seems that isn’t how the world works, and that has caused me to get my feelings hurt CONSTANTLY over the last few years. If I tell you this is something that is new to me, then it is. I don’t think lying or playing coy is cute, it’s kinda gay. Because then you have to lie more to protect those lies you already told. I am not a liar, I wear my heart,mind, and soul on my sleeve . . . for the whole world to see, hear, and read.


Real Nigga Shit #2
You don’t have to sweet talk me. You don’t have to talk in your sexy phone voice, or lick your lips while you tell me about yourself. I don’t really care for the “seduction” process. It’s the process of telling lies until you find the right lie that will get you to where you wanna be. Just be HONEST. I respect someone saying, “Hey Joy, I’m trying to come up and hump, ” more than I respect “I wanna take you along for the ride, and invite you on my ship, blah blah blah. . . ” Either way, the decision is mine, not yours, because you came to ME first. So stop with the kind words, and the seduction bullshit, just say what you want, and we can move on from there.

He Said that she said . . . STUPID

Real Nigga Shit #3

Stop asking people what I mean when I say/do something. How the FUCK would they know. They didn’t say/do it. Going to other people to find out about me is a Bitch Made Nigga type move, in my opinion. Doesn’t matter if that person is my best good friend, they can’t tell you about me, they aren’t me. You see me doing something, you think it’s foul as shit, then tell me. Come at me like a man/woman, and question me on it. Don’t send out emails, texts, smoke signal, PM’s during a Yahoo Chat, just ask me. Like I said, what I say is the truth, it’s how feel about it. Stop asking other people about me, and come to the source.

About me not fitting in there . . .

Real Nigga Shit #4
I recently discovered that I am socially retarded. Most of that is due to my WONDERFUL friends, who know me, and love me, and don’t stress me out. I have never really had to deal with lying, backstabbing, foul ass individuals. So being introduced to them in the last 2 years has really put me at a loss. It’s hard to be intelligent, and understand complex things that happen in the world, and not understand why someone is hating on you behind your back. What is the goal of bad mouthing people you aren’t even friends with anymore? I haven’t bad mouthed you. I have my own shit to deal with, if i spent all my time bad mouthing you, I would never accomplish anything.

I Like Nick the Best . . .

Real Nigga Shit #5
Disney Channel is slowly but surely taking over my brain. I actually bought the new Jonas Brothers’ CD. Yes, it’s actually in my car’s CD player right now. And yes, I know all the songs to Camp Rock. It’s amazing to me how caught up I am on all the 5 minute Living the Dream: The Jonas Brothers blurbs that comes on between Hannah Montana. It’s also kinda freaks me out that I am EAGERLY anticipating High School Musical 3. Yes, I will be hosting a Sleepover for my kids (ages 6 – 10) the Friday night it comes out, so we can all go see it together that Saturday Morning. Yes, I’m kinda homosexual for that. And I am okay with that. My excuse, I work with kids everyday. And all they watch is Disney Channel, ALL DAMN DAY! It’s either jump on the bandwagon, or go crazy.


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