Why I am Boycotting Oprah

This whole Don Imus thing has gotten out of control. She had “a Panel” about how the Black man is downing the woman, and that all rappers need to take responsibility for all of their actions . . . I now realize that Oprah is out of the loop. She has gotten too far removed from the every day struggle, because she has decided that Russel Simmons, and Kevin Lyles are responsible for Don Imus’ ignorant statement.

Yes, people, I am boycotting Oprah . . . She is no longer a part of my “Uplift the Young People Plan.” I thought she was going to help me change the world, but now, I just don’t know. I am sure you are wondering why I say that. It’s because when Russel Simmons told her the answer to her question, she wasn’t listening. When a lady in her audience gave her the answer again, she wasn’t listen.

Oprah is blaming the music and Hip-Hop for everything. Hip-Hop didn’t raise me. My Momma raised me. BET didn’t raise me, My momma raised me. Russel Simmons and DEF JAM didn’t raise me, MY MU’FUCKIN MOMMA DID. Everybody in this world has a momma, and your momma is in charge of raising you. The problem is, everybody’s momma didn’t do their mu’fuckin job.

The Job of the Hip-Hop and black community is to pick up the slack. If the first word that a child hears is their “father” calling their mother a hoe, then they are going to think that all women are hoes. Stop placing the blame on the outside sources, and bring that shit right on home.

Educate the children, don’t sit them in front of the TV, and think that they might learn something. I tutor 5th graders on the east side of Detorit, and everyday I come home and think, the Lord is trying to tell me something. It is about to become my goal to save one child. To make a difference, to give a child the tools they will need to understand that rap and basketball aren’t going to get you out of your hood, you brian will.

It’s not until things like this are brought up in the media, that I realize how lucky we are, those of us who are college graduates. We had parents who instilled in us the importance of uplifting ourselves. They instilled in us the need for knowledge, the need to better ourselves, the need to KNOW HOW TO PRESENT OURSELVES.

At work last week, they heard me talking on the phone, and were so impressed at my phone voice, I am now the Voicemail message . . . BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO SPEAK . . . And yes, they were super ass shocked that I spoke so eloquently, because I am a big black girl.

And yes, I know how to “go ghetto.” I have called people bitches and ho’s, but ti has nothing to do with Hip-Hop. Stop blaming the Hip-Hop, and blame the parents. Blame the schools, BLAME MU’FUCKIN GEORGE W. BUSH for letting poverty continue . . .

And Oprah, I blame you . . . I blame you because you see the things in Africa that happen everyday in Detroit. I blame you for creating a college campus for the children in Africa but not matching that by creating new Early Childhood Centers in every city. I blame you for having a panel of some of the only Black men in America that are doing things to uplift the race, and not giving them a chance to speak. I blame you Oprah for dropping the ball on your task . . . Which used to be changing the world One Person at a Time . . . and is now giving up on your own people, and moving on to Africa . ..

And that Is why I am boycotting Oprah!

What do you think?


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