Pandora’s Box

Curiosity Killed the Cat.
Slinking up alongside it,
pawing at it softly,
Nudging open the Top of Pandora’s Box

I just wanna check it out.
See what all the fuss is about.
It’s can’t be that bad,
The Gods created it for us . . .

Created by the Gods,
containing all manner of evil,
to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting,
Curiosity killed the masses.

But I peeked in the box,
opened the lid,
in search of something better,
Curiosity killed the Cat.

As all the evils were unleashed,
Self-Doubt, Fear, Agitation, Hatred,
I kept searching inside the box,
Looking for something that would make it all worth it,
There at the bottom . . .

Shiny! Beautiful! Calling to me . . .
Looks can be deceiving,
Stay away from the bottom,
Curiosity killed the Cat.

Do You Remember?
Curiosity killed the Masses.
Curiosity Killed the Cat.

A Butterfly, floated out . . .
weakened by it’s own transformation
Fluttering faintly toward the light.

Like a Moth to a flame
Burnt by the fire. . .

Go back into the Box,
know your place.

You are not ready
You don’t know what you are doing,
Your Curiosity Killed the Masses.
Your Need to Know Killed the Cat.

But Hope flutters on,
flying towards me
Lands on my shoulder,
stays with me . . .

Hope . . .
You make me smile.
Hope . . .
You make me laugh.
Hope . . .
You make me believe.
Hope . . .
You bring me Joy.
Hope . . .
My Curiosity doesn’t kill you too.

Curiousity Killed the Cat . . . . . . . . . . . . .Satisfaction brought her back.


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