Ms. Risa Explains It All: You Forgot You Were a N*gger

This is the one blog I have been trying NOT to write. Because I am quite certain I am going to lose friends over this one. I might get called an Uncle Tom for this blog. I might get called all kinds of things that aren’t my name.


All I can do is add this disclaimer: I have quite a few Caucasian friends, and they aren’t evil in the least bit. I ❤ my Pale Friends.


Dear Rich & Famous Black People,

I know this might come as a shock to you. But You, are Still, a Nigger. Doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how many white friends you have in your perspective industries. You are still a Nigger. Oh No, they would never call you that to your face, ever. Because they are hip and understanding. They feel for you and you inner Nigger angst, and feel bad for their ancestors part in your Nigger Pain and Suffereing. Hell, they even voted for Obama! How’s that for being down for the cause?!?

And yes, the White Masses, they love you. As long as you are spending your money on frivolous shit. Keep buying cars, and gym shoes, and jewelry from Jacob the Jeweler. Keep spending $100,000 on a purse or a vacation. Keep mortgaging houses so you look good for the next season of Real Housewives of Some City where Black People Live. They will sign that pay check that keeps you on TV, because they laugh at the Step and Fetch It routine you have perfected.

But please remember Rich & Famous Black People, you are still a Nigger.

They aren’t hanging you from a tree, because they can just hang you on television. They don’t have to put Coloreds Only at the door of the Club, because you stay in your area anyway. They don’t have to limit your resources, because we all know the only thing you will ever be good at is Sports and Entertainment. They don’t have to have a telethon to help your community, because you are too busy Choking Internet SuperStars.

Rich Black People, I know this seems harsh. I know you feel as though I am attacking you out of no where, without any form of evidence or validation. And never would I want to persecute the Nigger Race without facts. So Allow me to show you, Point By Point, what has provoked me to remind you that You – Yes You, Rich & Famous Black Person that you are – are indeed still a Nigger.

Example #1: The Unfortunate Demise of Football Star Steve McNair

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Those of us who live in Detroit knew what the deal was before the “Official” Report came out that he was indeed murdered. Black Man + Arab Young Woman = Death. Point Black Period. The Arabs own half the stores and gas stations in The Detroit Metropolitan Area. They will take your money, but they aren’t your friend. This woman had veered off the path she was supposed to be on. She was rebelling against what she was told, and she ended up dead. Look at the coroners report, there is no way she killed herself. Here is how it really went down. Father/Brother/Family Friend came to the door, she let them in. They killed Steve McNair first, made her watch, then either killed her, or held her hand while she killed herself.


Just because you are famous, doesn’t mean you can just go around and mingle with everyone. Or at least if you mingle, know what you are getting yourself into. How many interracial couples have you seen that involve an Arab/Muslim Woman and a Black Man? Just Sayin’. It’s not done. Sure, Love can transcend all boundaries, but usually, it’s done in secret in other states so your family doesn’t see. Maybe If you aren’t from Tha D, you don’t understand. But Steve McNair forgot He Was a Nigger. That girl’s Family would rather see her DEAD, than see her with Steve McNair.

*Historical Reference: Emmet Till was Beaten and Murdered for “whistling” at a White Woman





Example #2: The Kanye West/Taylor Swift Incident

Dumb Ass
Kayne West is a douchebag. He’s a musical genius, but he’s an arrogant asshole. But if you consider the backlash from his Sunday Stage Rush, you will notice that he is being treated like a Disrespectful Nigger Child. When Kanye said that George Bush didn’t care about Black People during the Hurricane Katrina Telethon, did Bush go on Television to refute his statement? Did anyone from the Republican Party demand an apology? Other than Mike Myers seriously freaking out on Live TV, NOT A NOTHING.


But Jump on Stage and snatch the mic from the “White Virginal” Taylor Swift, all hell broke loose. He had to go on Leno. He had to blog an apology twice. He had to talk to her momma. He had to call her. The President called him a jackass. Rush Limbaugh got all in his ass for days on end. What is the difference between 2005 and Now? Kayne “attacked” a country Music Star. A WHITE Country Star. The Young, Virginal Embodiment of Country Music. And they will not stand for that! Kayne might have good music, but he is still just a Nigger with Swirly Shit in his head. Who showed up on the Red Carpet, with a half full Bottle of Hennesy. Because there is NOTHING more Niggerish than ‘Henny.



Example #3: Jimmy Carter vs. Barack Obama

This is what he looks like, in case you didn’t know . . .
Jimmy Carter, a former President of the United States, made a statement about the Republican Party’s treatment of President Obama thus far.


“I think people who are guilty of that kind of personal attack against Obama have been influenced to a major degree by a belief that he should not be president because he happens to be African American.

“It’s a racist attitude, and my hope is and my expectation is that in the future both Democratic leaders and Republican leaders will take the initiative in condemning that kind of unprecedented attack on the president of the United States,” Carter said.

President Obama immediately stepped up and said Carter was wrong, and it wasn’t racism. At first I was hella pissed to read that. Then I remembered, Obama is still a Nigger. What do you think would have happened if he had been like, “Yeah. All them Crackers is Racist!” We would all be in mourning. Call President Obama an Uncle Tom, a Weak Man if you want. But he is trying to keep his life.

Fred Hampton Sr.

Some will rebuke me for saying all this, for letting the truth be known. But it’s been weighing on my heart for a while. We are not very far removed from a time when the FBI was actually legally allowed to go into a Black Man’s Home and massacre him under the guise of protecting the American People from Radical Hate Groups (read: The Black Panther Movement). December 4, 1969 is NOT just Sean Carter’s Birthday. {You like how I found a way to bring this all back to Jigga, don’t you} Google FBI CounterIntel-Pro one day . . . Will blow your mind.

I’m not a radical, these aren’t off the wall thoughts. I’m just a person who knows my history, and got the rude awaking in 2006 that even I, the Greatest Token Negro of all Time, was still seen as JUST a Nigger. Please Refer to my Notes My Fight With the Man Parts 1 & II for more on that Rude Awakening.

In the eyes of the people who still run this country, YOU ARE STILL A NIGGER. It would serve you well, not to forget that.


Radical Nigger who Knows her History


4 thoughts on “Ms. Risa Explains It All: You Forgot You Were a N*gger

  1. I am still pissed off about Facebook showing their ass today! At first I thought I would much rather read this on FB, but now I realize you have the opportunity to gain an even bigger following on the world wide web. I know this is just the beginning for you Marisa, keep um coming lol Still lmao at Greatest Token Negro of all time, don’t I know it lol And you know you definitely earn extra stripes for surviving in Arizona lol As for point #1 if you are not from the D, you are definitely asleep on Dearborn,MI and Middle Eastern culture, they stick with their own and they do not play lol Finally girl you and your hair look fly, I long for the days when I could leave a Detroit salon on Saturday and come out looking like one of girls from Destiny Child lol

  2. I definitely know the point you are trying to make, but I think you go some of your facts wrong. Steve McNair was shot on killed not because he was f**king around with an Persian woman, but only because he was f**king with a CRAZY Persian woman. She was pissed that he abandoned her after her DUI arrest where he was also there (watch the youtube clip ) They provided proof that she bought the gun the next day and that she took him out herself. Also they showed proof that he was ceasing to financially support her. Honestly the media LOVES to claim Arabic people do “honor killings”, but in all reality, it rarely happens in America. Also SHE WAS CHRISTIAN and had no family in the area! ALSO SHE WASN’T ARABIC, her family was originally from Iran, which is a middle eastern country which isn’t Arab. Anyway if you ever want me to give you a field trip of Arabic girls who only date black man with absolutely no consequences, just let me know, they aren’t that hard to find.

    We all know that Kanye West IS NOT a musical genius (do you really think “hmmm…. genius” when listening to Gold Digger? Anyway, he is a disrespectful child who was losing a fans a fast rate PRIOR to his Taylor Swift incident. He ALREADY had the interview scheduled with Jay Leno, so yes he showed up. Obama was asked off the record, and yes Kanye West is a Jackass. In the past he has only said shit about when he didn’t win an award…I can’t figure out why he cared if Beyonce lost. Maybe because he is racist against white people and can’t stand to see one win period. The Taylor Swift incident is not at all like Bush one, I am surprised you are trying to compare talking shit about a president to snatching a microphone away from a girl. Also he was SO FAKE about the apology… first he posted it, then removed it. Then when Taylor Swift went on the View and admitted he didn’t apologize to her in person, he then chose to apologize to her. Honestly if Kanye West tried to take a microphone away from me during my acceptance speech, I would re-break his jaw, in the hopes it would end his shitty career.

    Anyway I understand the point you are trying to make, and I know I have been experienced racism more than the average person, whether it is me being called a sand nigger, people claiming I was only hired because of my race, random traffic tickets for driving while Arab, or other examples I don’t feel like writing down. I just think this blog was very Jesse Jackson-ish in the way it was sticking up for an athlete who was cheating on his wife with a crazy or narcissistic celebrity, when in all reality the situations they brought on themselves had nothing to do with their race.

  3. You could have just played Mos Def’s song “Mr. Nigga” and ya point would have been made.
    Although I think you’re wrong about the Steve McNair situation. She wasn’t Arab as Shadi pointed out but Persian and christian.

    @Shadi she wasn’t sticking up for any of these individuals or their behavior she was pointing out that the treatment they recieve when they “step out of line”

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