Words and Sounds of My Life – Vol V: Edge of Desire

This song, and these thoughts have been on my mind since I first heard this album.  John Mayer is my fictional White BoyFriend, and I’m okay with that.  I know I have talked about this song to some one my friends, but I feel the need to share exactly the emotions that come from listen to  Edge of Desire on Repeat for a day straight.

This song is the epitome of all things sexual, to me.  When I first heard this song, I was just amazed at the guitar in the background.  It seemed to slowly build up, taking me to a place I have never been able to reach in any of my physical encounters with someone of the opposite sex.  This song, the melody, the instrumentation is to me, the oral representation of making love.

“Young, and full of running, Tell me where is that taking me

Just a great, figure eight, a tiny Infinity.

Love Is, Really Nothing, But  Dream that keeps waking me . . .

For all of my trying, I still end up dying, how can this be?

The French call an Orgasm, “Le Petit Morte.” Or the Tiny Death . . .

This song is what you wanted your first time to feel like – a slow build up to perfection.  It includes being open about exactly what you feel, trying to figure out how to tell this person,  exactly what they DO to you. It’s almost impossible to put into words how it feels to COMPLETELY Open yourself up to another person, to give them control of everything you hold so closely to yourself.

There are so many songs on my “He Can Get The Business,” Playlist. . . .

This will be on the He Is My Business Playlist.

“Don’t say a Word just come over, and Lie Here With Me.

‘Cuz I’m Just about to set fire, to everything I see.

I want you so bad, I’d go back on the things I believe,

There I just said It, I’m scared you’ll forget about me . . . “

Have you ever just wanted someone so bad, even though it’s completely irrational.  It’s makes no sense to you, or even to them.  And you are almost willing to lose yourself IN them, because of how you feel about that person.  I WANT that kind of desire for whoever I end up with.  To want them so much, that I can’t even FATHOM looking for another person.   And I want them to feel that way about me as well.

“So young, full of running,   all the way to the Edge of Desire . . .

Steady not Breathing, Silently Screaming, I HAVE TO HAVE NOW!

Wired, and I’m Tired, Think I’ll sleep in my clothes on the floor,

Maybe this mattress, Will spin off it’s Axis, and find me on Yours . . . “

I have never really been into the theatrics of Love-Making, probably because I’ve never done it.  But this song right here . . . . WHOOOOOOO Chile’ . . . .

The instrumental break is that point right before the climax.  When all the work you have put into making this person happy comes to Fruition.  You are fighting each other, trying to make the other person lose all control Firat . . . and then it hits you both at the same time.


That is what Love Should Feel Like!

The moment when he comes back in, and he has to scream how he feels about this woman, who leaves him feeling so lost and vulnerable that he can’t take it anymore.  You love this person so much you would do anything to make them stay.  You would forget about your rules and your boundaries, just to have them stay with you, and hold you, and love you for that time you have together.

“. . . there I just said it, I’m Scared You’ll Forget About Me. . . “

I am waiting, patienltly, for the man that leaves me on the Edge of Desire.  That can take me there just by talking to me.  When the conversation about NOTHING, leads to us falling into bed together, to just physically express all the emotions we feel for each other.

When the words are no longer enough, and you can’t find the right gesture, or a card or an object that lets that person know they put you on the edge, I recommend you play them this song.

Maybe it’s just me . . . . Maybe it’s the 13 months of Purity . . . .Maybe I just like Electric Guitars . . . .

But This Song . . . . It Takes Me There . . . .

Thanx For Reading


3 thoughts on “Words and Sounds of My Life – Vol V: Edge of Desire

  1. Tdixonspeaks likes this.

    There are definitely a few melodies that make you completely avail yourself, guards down, etc. I dont have a playlist but a couple of songs reserved for this one person. They’d get the business, the 401(k) and maybe a cut of that pension.

    Now that I think about it, all of the songs I’m thinking of have guitar, more electric than acoustic. Maybe you’re onto something.

  2. You know, John Mayer is a musical mastermind in his own right. Just wanted to put that out there.

    But I agree with you…I think that a bangin electronic guitar riff is necessary to make a song that’ll just take you THERE. As I read your blog, I felt compelled to turn on Beyonce’s “Speechless”…cause that song right there, will get a ring on your finger and half of all my stuff if you are THAT person.

    Great post Sis!

  3. You know I love his work. I have to fully agree with you… this song is a heartfelt plea… a declaration of need… a last request…

    “Don’t say a Word just come over, and Lie Here With Me.
    ‘Cuz I’m Just about to set fire, to everything I see.
    I want you so bad, I’d go back on the things I believe,
    There I just said It, I’m scared you’ll forget about me . . . “

    The visual attached to “Le Petite Mort” is truly ironic… he talks about being on the edge of desire, yet he never identifies whether it is falling together in a bed, falling off of a cliff, or falling hopelessly in love… I suppose with the right person, its all three delightfully wrapped into one experience or series of reawakenings…

    oh yeah, and the guitar was wailing with more emotion than words can possibly verbalize… good song. good post, MJ.

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