Seriously People, Get Over Yourselves . . .

By Now, you probably know how I feel about Society’s attack of Chris Brown.  Yes, I root for those who I feel have been disenfranchised by the assholes who are in charge of the world.

So today, we shall discuss the creation of
Team Lebron Has No Integrity.

Yup, he was 16

First: The Decision

Hey Guess What.  Ya’ll have been on Lebron’s Balls since he was in High School. And not even like senior year of High School, like Sophomore Year.  So why in the ass fuck hell are you surprised that he turned his decision into an Event.  ESPN was broadcasting his high school games.  REGULAR SEASON GAMES.  Not even Play-Offs.  I don’t even WATCH Basketball and I knew who he was before he even picked a team.

Keep in Mind.  I left work to watch The Decision.  NOT because I cared what his decision was, but because I KNEW my Twitter Timeline was going to go HAM during the broadcast.  I wasn’t wrong.  Some of the best things I saw.

RT @ambboogie: RT @maronziovance: If Lebron leaves Cleveland, the state of Ohio will go into foreclosure.

@tysofly: Dear Cleveland, If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it! – Love, Lebron

And this was BEFORE the Letter from Dan Gilbert.

@0_oMzJoy: He looks like Santa Claus……..or the Grinch that stole Cleveland’s economy.

@tdixonspeaks: What young 20 something man with money and fame WOULDN’T go to Miami? #duh

So Lebron is Going to Miami with Bosh and Wade. Cuz he wants to Win.

Cue the Riots, Angry Tweets, and FB Stati

So It is Written, So It Shall Be Done

Folks was burning Jersey’s in the street.  Oh woe is Cleveland.  It will never be the same.  We will just continue to rot in the recesses of the Midwest.  What will be do now that our Major Economic Resource has left us?!?!?!

You mean to tell me the ONLY thing that Cleveland had going for itself was ONE MAN. Not even the team, but ONE MAN. Ya’ll can’t think of anything else that you can do to make ya’ll feel better as a city?!?!?

Second: Dan Gilbert is a Douchebag

Not only is he a Douchebag, but he’s a racist, arrogant, assholish prick.  We won’t even discuss that he’s a fucking IDIOT for posting that letter on the teams website.  But what self-respecting white man posts an open letter in blue Comic Sans font.  Dear Sir, You Suck.

The first thing I thought while reading the letter, “You Mad Huh?” Are you seriously that offended that he held a press conference at announce his decision? You mad that he was tired of carrying your damn city.  He’s been doing it since he was 18? Ya’ll couldn’t get it together in that 7 years.  Ya’ll don’t give a hell about him.

Jesse Jackson was on point (IMO) when he said that letter was written with a Slave Owners Mentality.  He was mad because his Prize Stallion decided to leave.  Nothing in that letter said anything about how much LeBron has helped the team (or the City of Cleveland for that matter). My favorite Line:

The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south. And until he does “right” by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

Just watch.

Raving Lunatic

Did you just say Just Watch in a business letter?!?!?  Dan Gilbert, You Sir are Fired.  Then, to make matter’s worse, he changed the cost of LeBron’s wall posting from $99 to $17. His explanation, “That’s the year Benedict Arnold was Born.” ARE YOU FUCKING FOR REAL?!?!? Just, Dammit.

Third: Lebron is Selfish?

Okay, seriously people, get over yourself.  Stop with the bitching and moaning about how he’s ruined his Legacy because he left Cleveland.  HE’S 25 YEARS OLD. If his legacy has already been created, I feel sorry for him.  He hasn’t been in the NBA long enough to HAVE a Legacy.  His Legacy is going to be made NOW.

Now that he has taken control of his career, and he knows what he wants to do with it.  Barring any major injuries, this is going to be the time when we see what Lebron is really made of.  When he is part of a team that has players who know how to play, who all have the same common goal.  A team that is not waiting on him to be “Captain Win the Playoffs.”  THIS is when he will get to be Great.

Yes We Did?

Old school players are steady chiming in on his decision. “This would have never happened in the years of MJ & Magic & Bird” OF COURSE IT WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED!!! It was a different era.  Money was not the end all be all.  You didn’t really worry about endorsements.  TMZ wasn’t around to catch your every action.  They were around during a time that two parent households were the norm.  A time when your high school coach tried to help you be a man, not sleep with your mom.

He’s a 25 year old man.  He made a decision a 25 year old man would make.  Besides, who wants to be on a team with the guy who slept with your mom.  I mean really.  Maybe Gilbert should have done more to deal with that situation, instead of writing prissy ass letters.

Integrity, Honor, Respect are Learned Behaviors.  If you had no one who looked at you as a child/man who needed to be molded into that (as opposed to a Meal Ticket), are we really expecting him to have all of those?  Instead of being pissed off that people are comparing him to you, Michael Jordan, why don’t you take Lebron under your wing?  That’s right I forgot you are too busy cheating on your wife.

In closing, how ’bout all of you Shut the Fuck Up and Leave LeBron alone.  Let him be great, or at least part of a Great Team.  He’s Earned That.


4 thoughts on “Seriously People, Get Over Yourselves . . .

  1. Here’s the deal. I disagree with much have what you’ve written here, but one thing is bothering me the most: Gilbert isn’t racist. I can guarantee he would have done the same thing had LeBron been white. It’s LeBron’s actions, not the color of his skin, that have warranted such a response. Stop playing the race card-it degrades your writing incredibly.

    • He is a racist, and let me tell you why. Read the Letter again. He was speaking as if LeBron was his PROPERTY. That LeBron, a grown man, was in some way the PROPERTY of the City of Cleveland. His tone, the message that he tried to convey was not that of a reasonable man, but of an OWNER. Very upset that it’s Prize Stallion had chosen to leave the Stable. It’s okay that you disagree with me. I wasn’t playing the Race Card. I’m Black, I carry it. Feel free to email me and we can discuss your thoughts further.

      Hell, maybe I do play the race card alot. But it’s within reason. I don’t like Hate Breakfast becuz burnt toast is Black or something weird like that.

      • I did read the letter. And I also understand the tone. It was angry-furious, rather-but not that of slave owner. Once again, I can guarantee that the tone would have been the EXACT SAME had LeBron been white. Just for the sake of argument (although I still don’t agree with it), I’ll give you your ‘property’ tone; however, that very same tone would have appeared had LeBron been white. Read the letter again, but consider that LeBron is a white man. It still carries the same tone.

        I can understand fully when the race card is necessary, but I truly don’t believe it’s here. Trust me, I am more than an advocate of equality and respect for all people, and I’ll be the first person to call someone a racist, obviously including if they’re white (as I am). However, simply put, I see no need for such a label in this situation.

  2. I love this. The combination of clips and your passionate writing make for a splendid, funny, and spot on commentary. I too have been on King James’s balls since high school. His only legacy now was crafted in the past two weeks when we all got to see what an ass he is. On the other hand, this is what our society does to athletes, especially superstars like him. And it starts as early as 6th grade with college scouts showing up for middle-school games. ESPN, of course, has done its part, and not only for sponsoring The Decision. The network lives to slurp the stars. What 21-year-old can survive watching himself on the highlights each night.

    As for Gilbert, well, his tirade was way off base. Had the King remained in Cleveland, Gilbert would have crawled up LBJ’s ass to stuff extra money up there. As for the slavery issue, can any guy who makes millions of dollars be a slave? Hardly. Does Gilbert thinks he owns the King? If so, I’m not sure it is racist as much as it is stupid. Look around you, Dan, players are moving all over the place. But I would like to put a permanent stop to referring to anything but real slavery as slavery, and the same goes with comparing anyone to the Nazis.

    Finally, what went unnoticed was the fact that Kevin Durant quietly re-upped with Oklahoma City. No muss. No fuss. Just class.

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