CSBF Vol. 13: Bitter Bitch Blog

Two years ago, one of my Frat Brothers that I greatly respect said that he had stopped reading my blogs becuz they had become Bitter Black Woman Diatribes. So I focused every blog afterward on being positive and uplifting to my African American Brothers and Sisters.

Fuck all that. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!!!!!

Dudes aint shit but hoes and tricks. They play games and don’t follow through. But you want me to solve all the world’s problems, have a degree,  then cook dinner then end the night with your weenis down my thote.

You tell me that I will not be first priority in your life because I won’t be the benefactor that you need. You get mad because I want you to have ambition and drive. You cheat and put me at risk for deadly illness becuz you can’t keep your dick in your pants.

You embarrass me in public and make me feel like a fool in private. You criticize my upbringing and family. You laugh at my attempts to please you. You mock my want to introduce you to new things and people. You take advantage of me at every turn.

But then again, I’m dumb enough to let you.

Diverted By Mr. Big Dick and Mr. Great Head and Mr. Cry on My Shoulder and Mr. Nice Car and Mr. Big Man on Campus.

Caught Up in Mr. Lay with Me and Mr. I Just Wanna Talk and Mr. Something’s Missing and Mr. Damn Near Gay.

Following after Mr. Next Time I’ll Do Better and Mr. Lemme Hold $50 and Mr. Leave Your Gas Tank Empty.

So yes, I’m pissed the hell off that I have put up with bullshit for years, and have nothing to show for it but a wonderful Career, Health Benefits, a beautiful home, creative blogs and an extensive music collection of songs about Infidelity and Failed Relationships.

Every time I log on to FB I see pictures of Happy Couples and newborns and pictures of babies with bows and new outfits and Anniversary dates.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Fuck Your Happy.

“I may sound Bitter, I’m a little Bitter
Just a little Bitter, becuz you’re a Quitter.
I’m Salt Lake City, Now I’m Up on out the Picture…….”

I Hope She Cheat On You (Bitter) – Marsha Ambrosius.


5 thoughts on “CSBF Vol. 13: Bitter Bitch Blog

    • agreed…that’s hilarious!!

      but seriously i see the same thing…happy people with even happier babies. it may sound cruel but i want to know about the ones that aren’t perfectly happy. what about the people we grew up with who are struggling? what about the the ones who are on the brink of greatness? i guess there’s a bitter bitch in me too. i may be one of those people you’re talking about…but things aren’t always what they seem.

  1. love the line…Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Fuck Your Happy LMFAO. But yo a BASKETBALL PLAYER!?!?!?!? I like football players builds, or oooo a single non gay university professor…oh and is this ole girl from Floetry…..listen to the end of hge song my ears know that non auto tune Ashyauntie type voice

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