Letters to People (Stupid or Otherwise) Vol. 2

Okay, cuz I am trying really hard not to be all Negative Nancy right now.  But it’s really hard to NOT be that, when every damn day there seems to be something shitty that happens right now.  But this isn’t really a woe is me type post.  It’s more of a mix between Letters to Stupid People and a Thank You Letter . . .

Dear George W. Bush,

Fuck You.

Sincerely, Me

Dear Barack Obama,

Stop trying to work with the same people who made the country so bad they elected you. I know that we are trying to keep hope alive, and make change and such, but you continuing to work with the Republican Party is making MY LIFE a living hell.  They aren’t going to help me, but you need to figure out a way to do what the FCUK you said you were going to do.  When Jon Stewart is calling you out on a regular basis, you know folks are losing faith in you.

I still support you and everything, but ummmmmmmmm get it together.

Sincerely, A Closet Democrat (cuz I live in AZ and I’m not trying to die)

Dear Jeanette,

Thanks for letting my cry on the phone. Cuz ummmmmm, I needed that. Plus, I figured my mom was tired of hearing it, lol.  After everything we have been through, I didn’t think we could ever make it back to this point . . . glad we did.

Sincerely, Pretty Wings


Dear Colonel Krisp,

You help me make it though the day.  Between GChat, Twitter, and text I can always count on you for a rant, a joke, or just plain ole honesty.  Friendship comes in all forms, glad to know I’ve got you in whatever form I can get you

Sincerely, Coon

Dear Sheresa Tanchez,


Sincerely, ME.

Dear Sexy Mexican,

Hi *insert blushing smiley*

Sincerely, Me


Dear My Mother,

I don’t even have the words. I love you so much,

Sincerely, Your Daughter


Mi querido filántropo personal,

Las palabras no puedo expresar lo mucho de una ayuda que hasido recientemente. Gracias por mirar en mí todos los días sólopara asegurarme de que estaba bien. Es más que algunaspersonas lo han hecho. Es curioso cómo han aparecido una copia de seguridad en el momento en que necesitaba un buen amigo. Un beso a mi sobrina para mí.

Sinceramente, chocolate blanco.

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