9 thoughts on “CSBF Vol. 16: I’m Tired of Being a Strong, Independent, Black Woman

  1. *slow clap*

    i need to fly to where you live and just hug you. i was just thinking this the other day!!!! honestly….even though i’m married…he’s gone training for a new job out of state. but…even more honestly? i’ve been lonely for a long time.

    i would L.O.V.E. to have those same types of problems…”oh damn…he bought me wrong pair of christian louboutin’s…oh well. i’ll just wear my manolo blahnik’s today!”


  2. Let me tell you that I have had the same realization in the last few months. I was trying to do everything – wife, mother, graduate student, part time intern, full time employee, small business owner, blogger – too much. I literally had to quit my job to find time to sleep. You are so right – being raised by a SIBW is a blessing and a curse.

    I blogged about quitting my job “I Quit & I Ain’t You or I Took Off My Cape” http://convertingaspendthrift.blogspot.com/2011/04/updates-on-me-i-quit-i-aint-you-or-i.html

  3. I feel you like you just read everything in my mind. Damn, I am so tried of doing everything by myself!!!! As an only child I did everything by myself and the damn interdependency continues into adulthood. I am ready for something different.

  4. Well, I stumbled on this blog by accident, except it’s Sunday and I don’t think it was an accident. I am one of those women that you might like to change places with and I guess I would like to change places with you, except for the struggling part and being alone part. I have lived in Chicago, NY, Maryland, and Charlotte since I got married 29 years ago. I have 3 kids, pretty much grown and all college educated. I went to college and had dreams of having my own “something” but I got married, had children and moved around… alot for my husband’s career. I raised my kids, decorated nice homes, supported my husband’s career, etc. I gave up my career early on because of the constant moving, and because I could afford to stay home and raise my children. Unfortunately, I never thought about what happens after the kids are gone and what happens when you are so busy helping everyone else, what you do with your life. I am blessed and grateful to God that I have never had to struggle like others, but I have made sacrifices and now I am empty and resentful. I am working to build my “own” business and life and I’m still married–for now– but I envy women that can stand on their own and are free to do as they please, whenever they please. I suppose everyone else’s grass looks greener?

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