Why Adele is Better Than You . . .

Comparing Adele to normal people is pointless . . . she’s better than you.  It has nothing to do with mundane things like looks or style of dress.  It more important than hairstyle or body shape.


Yes, I might be FanGirling.  Or Stanning.  But there is a REASON 21 has been on the chart for 3 FUCKING YEARS. She just . . . whew.

By chance, I found out on Twitter that her single was supposed to drop tonight.  Instead of sleeping, i waited up to hear it. Because . . . DUH. From the minute she cracked her neck at the beginning of the video, I knew she came to just wreck my entire life.

I came for your edges . . .

I can’t even form whole paragraphs at this point.

Besides the whole, AMAZING vocal control and lyrical beauty.  This song has me in my feelings, and I don’t even HAVE the feelings that this song should affect.  Like, I don’t even wanna call someone and say, Hello.  But did I shed a tear while watching that video???

Let My Voice Invoke Hidden Emotion

I damn sure did! Because I WISH I had those feelings, just so I could make another break-up mixtape, and sit in the car and sing and cry. This song evokes emotion.  I didn’t even need the video! Her voice is enough.

And this is why she is better than you. Because YOUR FAVE COULD NEVER. Ya’ll know how much I love me some Bey, but just . . . Adele is on a level unknown to normal human beings.  I cried, even though I have no reason to.  Just . . .

Dammit Adele. You are my vocal Spirit Animal. I love you. So much. So So So So So Much. 



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