30 Day Writing Challenge: My First Love/My First Kiss

My First Kiss

His name is Christopher Allen Greer.  Yes, I still know his whole name, I thought we were going to be together forever.  He was in 1st grade, I was in Kindergarten.  We attended the best school in Detroit, Michigan Institute for Child Development, and our lives were happy.  We held hands on the playground, and ate lunch together.  One day, we decidd we were ready to take the next step.  We met at the indoor monkey bars.  We sat on the bottom step, I pursed my lips together, and got ready to kiss him.  SMACK SMACK SMACK.

No, that wasn’t the sound of our lips touching, that was the sound of my teacher’s ruler hitting MY lips.  She tore my lips UP! Stinging pain, cuz I was in Kindergarten when teachers were allowed to smack you with whatever they chose at the moment.  I vowed never to kiss a boy again! Later that year, Christopher cheated on me with my then best friend Kara, cuz she wore a skirt that day,and he said her legs were prettier than mine.  Boys ain’t Shit.


My First Love

His Name is The Boy That Lives in New York.  Names have been changed to protect the guilty.  I can reveal that we met online, on June 26, 2000, in am AIM chat, because that’s what was hot in the street.  We were introduced and instantly felt like we had been waiting our whole lives for each other.  We talked on AIM for hours, and eventually we migrated to the phone.  He used to have this deep ass Barry White type voice, just sucked you right in.  Add the New York accent, and I was SET. He was just exotic enough for me to be totally in love.  He had the good hair, and he wasn’t JUST black, so we were gonna have pretty babies (I was young, don’t judge me) We were gonna have twin girls, named Crayola and Rose Art, and then purposely treat them differently.  Yes, we were completely off, and rude.

But he got me! We completed each other’s sentences, and ordered the same food at Applebees, and liked the same songs.  It was just love . . . Innocent and pure.  Without sexual overtones, just emotional connection.  It was the purest form of affection, where secrets were revealed without fear of having to look each other in the face the next day.  Yes, I fell in love over the interwebs.  It was before Catfish, we used to mail each other pictures of ourselves.  It’s a REALLY long story, if you search my blog far back enough you will find it.

We finally met 10 years later.  Yeah  . . . That’s my first love. 


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