30 Day Writing Challenge (3 Day Catch-Up): Ageism ad Fruit

How do I feel about Ageism?

Like, It’s a thing I guess? I think coming from the African American Community, ageism doesn’t really affect me because we keep our old folks around.  Nana is always going to live with someone, and have somebody taking care of her (usually).  I think I have the privlege of surronding myself with people who value the wisdom and strength that comes from having older people in their lives.  Lots of my friends have close relationships with their grandparents, even great grandparents and treat them with the utmost respect.  I feel like maybe it should be a big deal to me, but it’s not. Alas, I’m more worried about kids being threatened on college campus’ than Old people not getting jobs? You know, because Priorities.

A Fruit You Dislike and Why?

I don’t like Watermelon.  It’s gross.  I hate the taste of it, the texture of it, and the smell of it.  I hate watermelon flavored anything, and I hate most fruit cups becausxe they use melon as a filler.  You know what else I hate, that I am now allergic to my two favorite fruits, Mango and Pineapple.  I blame watermelon, because why not.


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