30 Day Writing Challenge: 5 Day Catch-Up

Day 12: Two  Words/Phrases that make you Laugh
Fart and Poop.  Yes, I am a 4 year old child.  Judge if you must. They make me giggle.

Day 13: My Commute to and from work/school.
I drive about 65 miles a day.  My office is only about 15 minutes from my house.  My tutoring client however, some of them are like 20 miles away from each other.  So yeah, ispend the majority of my day driving.  Thank God for The Read podcast, NPR,  and Spotify.  Because my clients live so far out, I can’t get regular radio stations  It’sasignofmy Adulthood that I get the majority of my news from NPR.  I also look forward to the Jazz Shows that come on after 7:00pm.  I’ve learned so much about Billie Holiday and John Coltrane.  I love NPR.

Day 14: Your Life in 7 Years…
Well, hopefully I will have my Masters in Social Work.  My house will look exactly the way I envisioned it, and I will spend at least 1 month a year traveling.  I try not to reveal my life plans to the world anymore, you never know who is plotting against me.

Day 15: Three Pet Peeves
1) Entitlement: I hate children and their sense of entitlement.  This generation is so spoiled and selfish.  They really do think the World oesthem something. Maybe it’s how I was raised, but I had to work for the things I wanted.  That’s why I was 15 hen I got my first job.  The kids I tutor remind me every day how NOT to raise any children I have.

2) White Privlege: So here’s the thing.  You can’t be an adult, in 2015 and not understand what White Privlege is, and that You benefit from it.  Because even if you only watch Fox News, you probably have a Facebook, or friends that aren’t as jaded and lost as you are.  If could not have gone to school and not heard of  racism, and know it still exists.  You Cant Be That Blind.

3) When Artists don’t allow me to Stream their Album on Spotify
I’m talking to You, ADELE. I need to be able to listen to your album on friday, and I can’t unless I buy it.  I am on a STRICT budget forthe next two months.  I can’t afford your album.  I’m going to have to deny myself FOOD because I want to hear your album.  Can we talk about how SELFISH that is? Like seriously!

Day 16: Bullet Your Whole Day
-Woke Up
-Watched 90210
-Went back to Sleep
-Woke Up again
-Got Dressed
-Drove to Client #1 House
-Drove to Client #2 House
-Drove Home
-Watched TV
-Tried to go to Sleep
-Took Nyquil, then went to sleep


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