All of Me . . .or the night I discovered H.E.R.

Spotify has truly changed my life.  Not just because it’s all music all the time, but because they have some CLUTCH playlists.  While living my best life, I happened to stumble across a playlist called Silk Sheets.


The rotation of songs changed every 3 weeks or so, but 2 weeks ago, there were like 3 songs by H.E.R. on it.  I got my LIFE. I was like who is this girl, who sings The Weeknd type songs . . .but better.  She was telling my life story, in all it’s glory. She knew all my secret longings for relationships.  Also, her music is an edible-influenced wonderland of sonic pleasure. {I mean, that’s what I’ve heard anyway . . . }

Sometimes I get fed up with all the games
Sometimes you all just act the same
Maybe I’m the one to blame
That’s just how the game goes

When you’re feeling alone
Everybody got somebody that they mess with on the low
Now I just want you to save me
I just want you to save me, Ohhhh

I’ve been trying to figure you which path to go down, relationship wise. It’s hard to flesh out which lane you wanna go down, when you can’t see what is at the end of the road. My need to control outcomes has turned into me not making any choices at all.  BUT THIS SONG THO!

This is a love song I wish I could sing to . . . HIM. We don’t use names, cuz we protect the guilty.  He’s kind of the greatest person I’ve ever met. He gets me.  Without having to say a word, or ask, or sometimes even call.  He’s just . . . there.  Always. Having my back, and keeping me safe, and making me feel like I matter.  I’m quite sure he would beat up a stranger if I asked him to, or even if he felt like they had done me wrong in some way. Sometimes, you the perfect person has been in front of your face the entire time . . . *le sigh*


The things that I would do to you with just a couple seconds
I would color every moment, make you feel like it’s forever

I’m comin’ over, so you can start undressin’
I’m givin’ you a chance to finally make a good impression
On me, yeah

Why she only made this song 1:39 leaves me flummoxed. Its the PERFECT Textual or in-person seduction song.  It’s also the song you send to the dude who has been talking Cash Shit about their sex game.  Like, I’m on my way over, it’s time to put all them words into action.

Because it’s clear I’m getting bigger
I know you visualize my figure
I was the one that made you look
At your old girl and reconsider

It’s mad intimate as well.  Because her comments in between, about her insecurities about her figure and weight, Real Shit.  It’s something I’ve struggled with since I was 27.  You can be attracted to me, but I also figure if you spend time looking at me nekkid, you will notice the changes.  So when I gain weight, I hope and pray that it’s not off-putting.  Cuz how you view me, matters.  I need you to love everything I see as a flaw, even when I don’t.


Yeah, I know you on the way, but now I want it I can’t take it
I’m merely tryna chill, but I’m impatient

Stay on my mind, Can’t sleep at night
And I ain’t get dressed for nothin’

I ain’t put on this dress for nothin’
I know you’re comin’




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