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To the Men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc . . .

9+ Years ago, I became part of something I didn’t understand. Oh, I knew my history, and thought it was really cool that we had “Official” Brothers. The Only Child in me was happy to have Sisters. The Brothers just seemed to be an added bonus. Little did I know that 9+ years later, it would be these “Official” Brothers who taught me what family really is . . .

What My Brothers Mean to Me . . .
Originally Written BY ME in 2001

P – is for the Passion know one else knows,
H – is for the Honor no one else shows.
I – is for Intelligence and Integrity, characteristics you hold true,

B – is for the Bond we share, Pure White and Royal Blue.
E – is for Everlasting, a family that will never die,
T – is for Timeless, the love for a Zeta in a Sigma’s eye.
A – is for Abundant, there are numerous Sigmas in every state,

S – is for SEXY, every female can relate!
I – is for Insatiable, their thirst for knowledge is never quenched,
G – is for Gaining new heights, while others miss by much more than an INCH.
M – is for Masterful, taking charge of all things you pursue,
A– is for Amazing, you make me proud I belong to the White and Blue.

*To the Men of ROTS: You three are my brothers from 3 different mothers. Ya’ll have have my back since day one. From keeping me company during times of crisis, to making me smile when I’m having a bad day, Ya’ll are the Epitome of Brotherhood. I Love You Zai, Corb, and LeRoy.

*To the Ohio Sigmas: You spoiled me, I thought Sigmas showed love like that everywhere. I’m so glad I know ya’ll. And I must say, Ohio does have some of the Finest Sigmas in the World.

*To the Michigan Sigmas: I made friends with ya’ll before I met some of the Michigan Sorors. You welcomed me home with open arms, and I love you for it! Special Shout Out to those Capricorn Sigmas!

*To the VIP Sigmas: Ya’ll are stupid . . . but I love you anyway!

*To the BlackPlanet Sigmas: It’s how I knew that Sigma’s everywhere were freakin’ AWESOME. Special Shout Out to Michael Hardy aka Milkdud who married one of my Neo’s. Gotta Love that BP Connection.

*To Every Sigma I Have Ever Encountered: I Love My Brothers!