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A Little Less Conversation….

The longest phone conversation I have ever had was 10 hours. It was Junior Year of High School, talking to ‘Topher when we got home from school. We had been in school together all day, mind you. But that didn’t matter. We talked until both the cordless phones in my house died. I don’t know where my mom was, cuz that night I didn’t go to bed until like 2am. But I will never forget that conversation, not because it was life altering, but because I felt so CLOSE to him after that.

There was a time about 18 months ago, that I had ridiculously long conversations with all the people I thought were my friends. But as the dynamics of those relationships changed, so did my want/need/compulsion to converse with others.

Conversation is, to me, what sex is to most people. The art of The MindFuck is real in these here mental streets. After ‘The Spanish-American War’ earlier this year, I stopped talking to people. Not just on the phone, but even in person.

Whereas I used to be a very verbose individual, I began to truncate conversations. I began to say the least amount of words needed to get my point across.

I started to pull back from people I had previously felt close to. The fact that Conversation had seemingly turned on me in all aspects of my life (Love, Work, Family) it was the first thing I got rid of in my journey back to sanity.

But today, at a family gathering, I realized Conversation is the one thing I need to get me back to normal. I want to Converse about any and everything: Politics, Relationships, Popular Culture. Thanks to #BlackTwitter my need/want for Conversation has been labeled #Thirst.

It is a Thirst. But not for attention, but rather Mental Stimulation. I could go years without Physical/Sexual Interaction with the opposite sex. But this lack of Conversation is driving me CRAZY.

My life is so Quiet now. I only speak when its necessary. Thinking about that, makes me a Tad bit melancholy. What happened to Conversation? Not the kind that leads to Sex, but the Conversation that leads to such a spiritual fulfillment, you walk away/hung up with a smile on your face. A pep in your step. A switch in your hips. I know its out there……

Come Back Conversation, I Miss You.