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Welcome to the Mind Fuck

I suggest you find Jill Scott’s (Imagination Suite) Crown Royal on Ice. . . . Got it? Lets Go . . .

Welcome to the Mind Fuck.  A state of emotional awareness which hinders you from making informed rational decisions.  It’s the meshing of ideas, commonalities, personalities, which produce the kind of feelings you should only get after a marathon session of Physical Intimacy.

The Mind Fuck starts out slowly. . . .

You start to look forward to interaction.  Your days don’t feel the same if you don’t talk to them, see them, hear from them.  Every conversation lasts longer and longer, because you’re both spending time trying to understand each other’s inner most thoughts.

A tension starts to build inside you……..

Starts in the center of your stomach.  As you continue to converse, you can’t help but touch some part of your body.  {Maybe} Not in a sexual way, but because you need physical contact to explain these feelings that seem to be creeping through you.

You continue to talk – about the weather, political things, WHATEVER, and you find yourself breathing heavily.

Licking your lips, because your mouth is dry.  All of a sudden, the subject of conversation changes.

“Hold On, Let me Put My Phone on the Charger . . . “

As you shift your body, you get more comfortable.  Inhibitions disappear as you continue to converse.  The sound of their voice is enough to make your palms sweat.  You can’t help but smile, knowing they can’t see you on the other end.  The conversation just keeps getting better, the tension continues to build.

You start to test the boundaries, saying things just to get a reaction.  “You Mad? No?” Keep testing the boundaries, dipping your toes in the water of this interaction.

Your Breath hitches when out of the blue, they say what you have been thinking, but didn’t want to say. . . .

The Climax . . .

Where ever the conversation was leading becomes a time of discovery.  “Ooooooh me too…….” “I thought I was the only person who felt like that . . . ”

“Did we just have sex? Because I feel Like You’re Inside me . . . “

Words start to spew from your lips, falling before you can catch them.  You are so Wide Open,  you let everything go.  You lay there, naked.  Completely exposed, ready to give them every PART of you . .  for the time that you have them in your presence.  You’ve become so comfortable, found so much happiness in this interaction, you can’t imagine it ever getting better.

You put your all into this.  Using your tongue to convey the emotions flowing through your body.  Can’t even understand how it’s possible to feel this way after a Conversation.  It was just words.  It was just voices.  It was just an exchange of ideas.

Fighting each other.  Pushing back and forth, in and out.  Friction and Tension, push and pull.  Going as far as anyone has gone before.

It’s never felt like this before. You see things differently now.  Listen to songs with a different ear.  Taste food with a different zeal. Everything you do is somehow connected to the Nirvana you just experienced.  When it’s all over, you can’t do anything but wait until next time.

Each time, trying to get to a higher level of Ecstasy . . .

Just His Words . . . I Came . . . . .

The Mind Fuck