Side Chicks: The Musical

Why a Musical?

I mean, Why NOT a Musical?!?! Do you know how many songs have been made about infidelity? Most of them are well-written, tell a complete story, and are actually quite heartfelt.  When I started writing CBSF Vol 9: Confessions of a Side Chick ( I had to create a soundtrack to get me in the right mood.  I had WAY too many songs to choose from!

Is this based on your life?

Yes and No.  I am definitely using some things that I have seen and/or participated in.  But mostly, I am going to let the music guide me. Please Note: All Names/locations/Screen Names/BBM Pins have been changed to protect the Guilty. (I’ll Never Telllllllllll)

How Many Installments will there be?

I have not a clue.  I might go all Winston Jerome and just have it be an on-going series.

Do you condone Infidelity?

Nope.  But I can’t be mad at you for doing what you feel you need to.  Everyone says they will never be a Side Chick. Most people end up being one, whether they know it or not

All That Being Said . . . . . ENJOY!

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